Material technology

    Suzhou Ori Mould Technology Co., Ltd is the patented enterprise with prior appling resin sand casting facilities in Asia. Equipment and technology are leading the domestic and meeting international standards. Ori Mould is specialized in manufacturing glass container moulds made by all kinds of alloy cast iron, alloy cast copper and bimetal materials with the component of quasiflake graphite cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron, colomony, silicon-copper and stainless steel bimetallic material, according to the customer’s various requests. Production and sales are in the forefront of the same industry. The company keeps pace with the development of material technology, constantly developing enterprising and innovative research, and cooperating closely with well-known universities in China, and has made many fruitful achievements in the field of high performance cast iron glass mould material and its precision forming technology. Via self-independent research and development of various materials with the characteristics of good quality, performance, long life, etc; continuously meet customer needs and improve the adaptability and durability of the material with the leading technology to win the trust from the market and customers.          

Process technology


    Suzhou Ori Mould Technology Co., Ltd has a team with high training, strong technology and fast process R&D. Specializing in glass mould design, processing and technology innovation, constantly improving the mould manufacturing technology;  which created Ori mould unique process procedure, formed the production mode of multiple operation with automatic combined processing via assembly programming. In recent years, it also aims at the frontier of the world, brought the international advanced fast design software for glass mould, imported the core technology and key equipment as Italy ROBO series of PTA welding technology, South Korea DOOSAN series of CNC strong machine tools, etc; which provide a strong guarantee for high efficiency and quality processing of glass moulds. The company has been strongly invested and developed in scientific and technological innovation, already awarded several patents of invention; it is an earliest enterprise to acquire high and new technology in the industry.

Quality control

    Adhering to the quality policy “Pursuing perfection through refinement; Better moulds, Better glass.” and “Focusing on customers”, ORI MOULD is striving to be Chinese Mould Expert. ORI is certified by ISO9001/ISO14001, all the processes are done based on the relative standards for continuous improvements. Equipped with advanced inspection devices, such as spectrometer, three-coordinate measuring machine, projector, Emhart gauges, etc, our experienced and skilled inspection team  strictly carrying out quality standards and process controls, and try to meet customers’ requirements and satisfactions in quality assurance and service.  “Till good is better, and better best” is motto of all ORI people.