Corporate culture

Company Philosophy

1. Values: Respect the Nature, Care for People

2. Talent Outlook: Finding, Well-treating, Inspiring

3. View of Life:Heartily understanding of “Diligent, Kind, Honest, Proficient, Trustworthy”

4. Quality Principle: Quality Moulds, Valuable Source

5. Service Tactics: Each step in place to the customers’ satisfaction

6. Corporate Spirit: Self-effort, virtue, teamwork, and improvement

7. Management Idea: Make work pleasant for everyone

8. Quality Policy: Pursuing perfection through refinement; Better moulds, Better glass.

9. Business Principle: to make contribution to the progress of mankind and society while pursuing material and spiritual happiness for ORI people.

Common values

1  focus: Focusing on the customers

2  acts: to act oneself according to the human nature; to work according to nature of things

3  dos: Open and upright; gentle and modest; studious and thrifty

4  loves: to love mankind, work, company and country.

5 awards: The heaven awards those who are diligent; the earth awards those who are kind-hearted; the human nature awards those who are sincere; the career awards those who are proficient; the business awards those who are honest.

6 traits: responsibility, implementation, result, thanksgiving, innovation, boss of the position.

Image Orientation and Strategic vision

Image Orientation: China Mould Expert

Strategic Vision: One army, one school, one family.