ORI Mould Celebrates 50th Anniversary and Launches World’s Leading Fully Automatic Intelligent High-

May 10, 2024 - ORI Mould marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of  World’s Leading Fully Automatic Intelligent High-Tech Materials Foundry, coinciding with the company's 50th anniversary. The event was attended by notable figures, including Wang Jianguo, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changshu High-Tech Zone; Xu Yajun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changshu High-Tech Zone; Zheng Wuhong, President of China National Association for Glass Industry (CNAGI); Zhang Zhiyong, Executive Vice President of the China Foundry Association, as well as global customers and suppliers.


The Inauguration Ceremony


Under the theme "Share the Joy, Share the Benefit, Share the Good Time Together", ORI Mould President James Ge welcomed the guests and expressed his heartfelt gratitude. In his address, Mr. Ge highlighted three key principles derived from the company's 50-years journey: Crisis Appears When Falling Behind: Being the source of value and quality is vital for the company's vitality; Progress is the Fundamental Principle: Always striving for the perfection to win the customers’ trust; Innovation is the Soul of Progress: Unique and widely recognized innovation to produce ORI Mould’s high-quality results, and therefore make the glass world more brilliant.


President James Ge delivering his address


The completion of World’s Leading Fully Automatic Intelligent High-Tech Materials Foundry shows ORI Mould's commitment to high-quality intelligent manufacturing. The facility equipped with advanced equipment from Japan, Germany, Denmark, and Italy, including smart electric furnaces, automated casting line, full-process dust removal systems, and 5G AGV transport vehicles. These innovations enable precise control from raw material mixing to automated transportation, ensuring castings of great quality.


World’s Leading Fully Automatic Intelligent High-Tech Materials Foundry


Attendees including leaders and customers, extended their congratulations on this celebration. Zheng Wuhong, President of CNAGI, praised ORI Mould for entering a new phase of intelligent production with high efficiency. She expressed the hope that ORI Mould will continue to drive industry innovation and elevate the quality of entire industry, contribute more to the development of daily-use glass moulds.


Over 300 employees, known as "ORI people", gathered to celebrate this milestone, their merriment reflecting their deep affection and commitment to ORI Mould.


In the face of new challenges, ORI Mould hold steadfastly its spirit of “Self-improving, generosity, teamwork, and innovation", and is dedicated to move forward with technological, institutional, and managerial innovations, to contribute more to the global development of intelligent manufacture in the glass mould industry.